Dear Employers!

Our recruiting agency gives a lot of attention to the issues of confidentiality when selecting candidates for a vacancy such as a secretary with intimate relations.

One of the main factors that often prevent senior officials from hiring a secretary with intimate relations is the fear of gossip among the employees.

But you have to understand that the last thing our candidates are interested in is such gossip.

personal relationships

We discuss the questions of confidentiality in advance, and in case if the recruiter gets the impression that the candidate is only oriented at being only a lover, that she treats her expected work-related duties frivolously, they will filter her out at their level already, and will not show her to the employer.

If desired, we will also discuss signing a non-disclosure agreement with the candidate.

We do not consider candidates from “problem spheres”, such as modeling business for example, let alone escort agencies.

But this does not mean at all that our candidates are less attractive.

A secretary with intimate relations from our agency is a girl who differs fundamentally from the standard “target population” of the aforementioned spheres.

For such vacancies, we consider girls from common companies, with common professional and life experience, and this factor helps them not stand out from the everyday working environment, so that they would not arouse the colleagues’ suspicions.

She is ready to be her boss’s lover, but only her boss’s, and understands that she is expected to be not only a lover but also to carry out her duties responsibly, and also to demonstrate appropriate behavior, which must never ever endanger her boss’s reputation.

You can ask all your questions directly to the general manager, Petr Ivershin:

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