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Сообщение об ошибке
Сообщение об ошибке

The Ivershin’s Luxury Assistans recruiting agency engages in selection of secretaries with intimate relations, personal assistants with intimate relations, live-in domestic assistants with intimate relations.

For 12 years already we have been doing this unique type of personnel selection in Moscow (our main website is

Our candidates are also ready to consider offers from employers in the USA and the EU countries, with subsequent relocation.


Dating outside the USA have already become a part of the American culture, and even President Donald Trump is a living illustration of this tradition.

Our company is completely legitimate from the point of view of the law, in fact we combine the functions of a dating service and a professional recruiting agency.

The professional and personal selection of candidates is made according to the standards of leading headhunter agencies, over more than twelve years of practice in this field we have formed the psychological portrait of a candidate who would be perfectly suitable for such a peculiar vacancy.

1. Psychological selection.

Among our candidates there are no girls from escort agencies, strip dancers, and all this range of personnel who are usually too cynical about intimate relations, but also we do not work with girls who consider a relationship with their boss a personal taboo, and who get over their principles, viewing such relations only as a way to improve their financial well-being.

Those candidates whose personalities are between these two opposites, are our "target population"

They are girls who see nothing wrong in intimate relations with their boss, and who do not feel any psychological discomfort from such relations, of course provided that confidentiality is preserved.


2. Professional selection.

We select such candidates, the relations with who will not only help add something new to your personal life, but who are also able to carry out their primary duties professionally. Our candidates possess different levels of competencies, from a plain receptionist to a highly-qualified personal assistant with experience of working for top officials of large companies and relevant education in law, finances, management, or other fields.

We make the selection of a secretary or personal assistant really psychologically comfortable, we build the communication in the right way, make the presentation of the employer and the vacancy, organize the interview, take care of the callback, make the job offer, and make arrangements for the relocation.

Sincerely yours, Petr Ivershin.